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Image Management
Truth be told, it takes years for judges to judge a person and seconds for someone to judge you based on your appearance. The fact is your appearance creates the first impression. And, therefore, you need to put some thought into strengthening your appeal to leave a lifetime impact on others with your personality. 
Essentially, there are 3 categories in which people can be divided. The ones who perform the ultimate confession of showing the need to self-improve, the one who do not care at all and the third, who are clueless in which direction the world is moving. 

Accepting that you need an image consultant to refine yourself is the greatest self-confession you could make. By doing this, you also open the doors of personal and professional success for yourself. Now having decided to dedicate towards self-improvisation, like many people you need not go to various places like dress designers, beauty salons or attend short duration workshops and so on. This is because something will always be left missing.

  • That missing point is an eye for the detail which only an expert can provide.
  • How does it work?
  • Image management is a process in which an Image Consultant packages you appropriately to achieve your goals in personal, professional and social life. This is done by making the best use of different elements that form your image – clothing, grooming, communication and people skills, right body language, business and social etiquette. The objective is to build a style that reflects who you are what you represent without having to speak. 
  • How to know if this is for me?
  • Image consultation is only for those who have the zeal for success in life. You could be an entrepreneur, an industry veteran, a budding socialite, a working professional or a home maker who is looking to enhance your self- presentation, then this is the right service for you.